Stella’s doggy daycare is divided into several areas. The first is the back playcare area for larger dogs and dogs that are very energetic and that can play with the larger dogs. Dogs in the back playcare are typically Labs, Great Danes and Golden Retrievers.

Next is the front playcare area for small and medium-size dogs. In addition, some of our older dogs and dogs that are on the shy side also hang out in this area, where they can relax and feel safe.

The last area is the office area. This is a good place for dogs that prefer to hang out with people, or just don’t feel comfortable in either of the other play areas. The dogs in the office area experience a different type of interaction than do those in the other areas. They see and say hello to everyone who comes into the shop. They still have the opportunity to play with the other dogs in the area, but often they are happy just to hang out and be loved.

Hours of Operation

Doggy Daycare is available Monday through Saturday, and Sunday by appointment.


Please see applicable rules for your dog to board or attend daycare with us.