Boarding at Stella’s is like camping…

Boarding at Stella’s is like camping–in your living room. After closing, we open up the entire facility and give everybody a little more room in which to play. The dogs sleep in the same room as the staff member who is watching over them. Dog beds are put out, and everyone gets to pick his favorite.

Stella’s is a kennel-free boarding facility. We will, however, kennel your dog overnight if you are crate-training at home and don’t want to interrupt that training.

Hours of Operation

Boarding services are available 7 days a week, and someone is on staff 24 hours a day.


Please see applicable rules for your dog to board or attend playcare with us.

Cancellation Policy

Please note the following cancellation policy for boarding reservations. A fee equal to the one for service that is missed will be assessed if cancellation notice is provided less than 24 hours in advance or if the reservation is a “No Show”.