Love Your Pets: Pet-Friendly Advice for Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2016

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means everyone will be out hunting for that perfect gift of love. While you are shopping for chocolates or flowers to gift your loved ones, do not forget your family pets. You may not think much of it, but the reality is that dogs and cats are especially vulnerable during Valentine’s Day and other celebratory holidays. Therefore, there are certain essential steps you must take in order to keep them safe.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe at Valentine’s

Many of the gifts you will enjoy on Valentine’s Day could spell disaster for your dog. To ensure your pet has a loving and safe Valentine’s, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep Chocolate Away – You are very likely to get some chocolate for Valentine’s Day, but remember that chocolate is dangerous for dogs. Even a little bit of chocolate can lead to vomiting, gastrointestinal problems, seizures, and in extreme cases, heart problems. Chocolate contains methylxanthines, which are fine for humans but deadly for dogs.
  • Be Cautious with the Roses – Roses are a favored flower for Valentine’s Day, but do take caution if you have them in your home. The thorns alone could harm your dog’s tongue, gums and face if they decide to chew on them. Also, some flowers can be toxic if consumed. Tulips and calla lilies can cause gastrointestinal problems and are especially toxic for dogs.
  • Keep Alcoholic Drinks Up High – Whether you are having a fun mixer or enjoying a glass of wine, be mindful that alcoholic beverages could lead to gastrointestinal problems and even a severe lack of coordination for your dog. Alcohol can also lead to respiratory failure if your dog consumes too much.
  • Sugar Substitutes – Hard candies and gum are popular for Valentine’s Day too and these contain xylitol, which is a common sugar substitute. This substance can lead to a sudden drop in blood sugar for dogs, which may lead to depression, seizures or coordination issues.
  • Keep Your Food to Yourself – While you and your love are celebrating and enjoying a fine meal, avoid the temptation to give your dog a taste. Pet owners should always avoid giving their dogs foods that are meant for human consumption. Dogs cannot digest foods with spices and fats the same way humans can.
  • Give them Somewhere Safe to Stay While You Are Away – If you are going to enjoy a romantic night away, move your dog to a safe place to stay for Valentine’s, for instance, a kennel-free boarding facility. Your dog will enjoy love and attention just as they would get at home, and also the supervision they need while you are away.

Let the team of dog lovers at Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare board your dog overnight for Valentine’s Day this year. We offer our services 7 days a week and a complimentary valet service so that you do not have to transport your dog. Contact us online with your questions about our overnight boarding or call 206-932-RUFF for more information.

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