Caring for Your Aging Dog – Everything You Need to Know About Senior Care for Pets

July 30, 2016

Pets age much faster than humans, so it is important to be aware and take steps to properly care for them in the process. While your dogs gets older, they will need to change things like exercise, diet and even daily care needs.

Health Concerns as Your Dog Ages

Just like humans, as your dogs start to age, they will have health issues that arise as part of their aging process. Some of those problems can include arthritis, dental issues, kidney, heart and liver diseases, obesity, weight gain or loss, etc.

How Can You Help Your Aging Dog?

There are several things you can do to help your pet age safely and keep at their optimum health. These include:

  1. Taking Your Dog for Checkups – Just as you age, you need more visits to your doctor and your pet does too. Take him or her to the vet for annual checkups and especially if they start to exhibit symptoms of age-related disease.
  2. Diet – Evaluate your dog’s diet. Consider purchasing dog food that is designed for “senior” pets. These foods have special fiber and calorie considerations that will help your dog maintain their ideal weight despite their changing appetite and activity levels.
  3. Exercise – Just because your pet is aging does not mean they do not need exercise. Give your dog regular exercise, but within their limits.
  4. Weight Checks – You should monitor your dog’s weight to check for too much and sudden gain or loss.
  5. Accommodations – There are things you may need to change to help your aging dog, such as giving them a different type of bed, sending them to doggy daycare during the day or while you are away for work travel, etc. You may need to change things in your home as well, such as adding rugs or carpeting over hard surfaces to keep your dog from slipping.

The team at Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare can take care of your aging pet while you are at work or on your next vacation. Our daycare and boarding services are here to help your senior pet live a happy, healthy life regardless of age.

Contact our team online today to learn more about our daycare and boarding services or call us to schedule your dog’s stay at 206-932-RUFF. 

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