7 Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy this Spring

May 31, 2016

Your dog cannot tell you when it is sick or even if it does not feel right. Instead, it is up to you, its owner, to look out for those tell-tale signs that something is not okay. By taking up simple, routine care measures, you can maintain your dog’s optimum health and avoid having to play the guessing game. Also, maintaining your dog’s health can increase its lifespan, happiness and give you a best friend for years to come.

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

With spring finally here, your dog will be outside more and everyone will be enjoying the great weather. Make sure it is ready to take on the new season and all of the activities by:

  1. Conducting Exams Twice a Year – Just like you, your dog needs to be seen for an annual (preferably bi-annual) visit to the doctor. Routine veterinary examinations are preventative and can catch potential problems early on. During the exam, your vet will take blood samples, test your pet’s eyes and ears, check its gums and evaluate heart and lungs. If your dog is due for vaccinations, your vet will administer them during these annual visits.
  2. Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Health Too – Your dog relies on its oral health just as much as you do, and dogs can also get gum disease and oral cancer just like humans. Brush your dog’s teeth daily or at least weekly. Use edible dental chews in between brushings to remove buildup and make sure your schedule annual dental exams.
  3. Maintain a Healthy Diet – Use only high-quality, animal-based protein foods and avoid dog foods full of corn and wheat fillers. Make sure the food you feed your dog is rich and balanced with vitamins, fish oils, minerals, fiber and protein.
  4. Exercise – Your dog needs exercise daily. If you are stuck at work, consider doggy daycare so that it can get exercise even while you are away.
  5. Socialize – Regardless of how old your dog is, socializing will certainly contribute to better health. Dogs are highly social animals and being alone all day can lead to depression or even social anxiety. Consider sending your dogs to daycare or use a boarding facility during business trips so that they stay engaged and active.
  6. Use a Flea and Tick Supplement – Whether you use the wash, drops or chews, make sure your dog is up-to-date on flea and tick prevention before spring is in full swing.
  7. Heartworm Prevention – Intestinal parasites and heartworm can cause a painful, agonizing death for your dog. Prevent this by giving them the annual heartworm treatment which can be purchased over the counter or from your local vet.

The team at Stella Ruffington’s Doggy Daycare wants to help keep your dog in optimum health. While you are at work or traveling for business, bring your dog over to our daycare and boarding service. We keep dogs active, fed and socialized so that they can maintain healthy, happy lives. Contact us online with your questions about our doggy daycare services or call 206-932-RUFF for more information.

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