4 Fall Pet Care Tips for New Owners

August 29, 2016

You may not put much thought into the changing seasons, but you will be surprised at all of the to-do’s you need to remember to keep your dog safe. From ticks to temperature changes, keep all of your dog’s needs in mind this autumn and you both can enjoy the season.

What Should You Do to Take Care of Your Dog in the Fall?

There are a few items you need to consider when thinking about Fall pet care, including:

  1. Ticks – Ticks peak in the spring, but there is a high number of adult deer ticks in the fall than any other part of the year. Deer ticks are those that spread Lyme Disease – which is dangerous for pets as well as humans. A tick and flea preventative treatment will help, but you can also keep your lawn trimmed short and pets confined during the day to prevent tick infestation.
  2. Temperature – Fall has varying temperatures that can be hard on your dog. From high one day to freezing the next. Ensure your dog has enough water during the day and never assume that because it is cooler outside, they do not need fresh water.
  3. Halloween – Halloween is full of chocolate and candy. Great for you, not for your dog! Keep the treats up high where your dog cannot get a hold of them; especially chocolate.
  4. Grooming – Fall is the perfect time to take your dog in and have them groomed. Also, brush regularly to avoid matting.

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